Natural Hydrating Toner

Our Ayurvedic toners are able to provide you with a natural boost of hydration direct to the skin. They have been designed to not only hydrate your skin but also remove impurities and restore your complexion to a balanced and beautiful state. They also rebalance the natural pH level of skin after using a facial wash.

Vegan Friendly Ayurvedic Toner

Our natural hydrating toners rejuvenate the skin, promoting a youthful visage without causing your skin, mind, or body any harm. An example of just some of the ingredients that we include in our toners are Neem, Turmeric and Sandalwood. We recommend that you apply a toner directly after you wash and exfoliate your face. This ensures that your skin gets the nutrients it needs, when it needs it most: perfect for morning, noon and night.

Soothe, Cleanse Or Revive Your Skin

No matter what you are looking for in an Ayruvedic toner, we are certain that we have the product to suit you and your Dosha. We have toners that soothe, cleanse, and/or revive; guaranteed to make your skin radiate your inner peace. Whether you are tackling unpleasant breakouts, dry skin or the early signs of ageing, our cruelty free and vegan certified toners will restore the balance to your Dosha. Discover your exact Dosha here to learn which range is best suited to your skin type.

The Ayurvedic concept of medicine and healing has been in practice for over 5000 years and is at the very heart of what we do here at Urban Veda. The principles of this practice reside within the composition of our entire skincare range and we believe in using only natural ingredients that benefit us, and the environment with absolutely no animal testing whatsoever. The benefits of this approach are many and meaningful. Vegan friendly formulas, ethical harvesting of ingredients, and Ayruvedic teaching combine in our products to create a truly unique range of skincare solutions.