Ayurvedic Facial Polish

Our facial exfoliating polishes all work to buff the skin revealing super soft and fresh skin underneath. The cream formulation means they also double up as a gentle mask, drawing out impurities before massaging the granules to slough away dead skin.

We use walnut shell powder as the granules in these exfoliators, which dissolve in water meaning no harm is caused to our precious planet.

Exotic & Natural Facial Polish

The products that comprise this range have been designed to gently exfoliate and purify the skin; brightening your complexion. These products also help to minimise the appearance of pores, revealing and restoring the skin’s natural radiance and energy.

The unique combination of ingredients in our facial exfoliating polishes can rid the skin of toxins and slough away dead skin cells. From the start of the Urban Veda journey, we have been microbead free and instead use peach stone and walnut shell powder as the granules in all of our facial exfoliating polishes.

Find Your Balance - Our Ayurvedic Face Polish

Our environment affects our skin and our Dosha to such an extent that physical manifestations can sometimes be immense. The weather, the changing of the seasons, pollution and diet can knock your Dosha swiftly out of balance. Striving for balance is important to prevent skin from becoming inflamed, dry or excessively oily.

By incorporating our natural face polish products into your skincare regime, pores are unblocked and the skin is softened due to the removal of dead skin cells. All our products are cruelty-free and certified vegan as well as paraben free. We choose to use only natural ingredients harvested sustainably from nature.