Ayurvedic Day Cream

Our natural day creams contain a unique blend of potent ingredients that all come from nature. Each day cream will protect and hydrate skin and our four ranges of creams means there is one for each skin type: dry, oily, sensitive and mature.

Our Natural Day Creams

It is important to combat environmental factors such as pollution and sun damage by utilising natural skincare products that tackle the root cause alongside the resulting manifestations, something that Ayurveda truly believes.

Our Ayurvedic day cream range will nourish the skin just as it nourishes the mind, body and the soul in equal measure, whilst also providing hydration and protection which are vital in fighting not only the signs of ageing but of everyday life as well. 

Cruelty Free And Vegan Certified

At Urban Veda, all of our Ayurvedic skin care products are cruelty-free and Vegan certified. Not only this, but our natural day creams are guaranteed to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth whilst balancing your Dosha. By utilising all-natural ingredients and soothing aromas the skin and the mind are soothed and cared for.