Reviving Range | Tired & Mature Skin

Our Reviving range is dedicated to those with mature and tired skin. Created with the Ayurvedic principles, this range caters to Tri-Doshic.

The Reviving range draws on the never ending properties of Rose to cool inflammation and reset hydration levels, rejuvenating skin. Alongside rose damask flower water, rosehip, and evening primrose, our Tri-doshic range also heavily features an exotic Indian ingredient called Arjuna. This ingredient has strong anti-ageing properties as it causes the skin to naturally plump up, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, bringing life back into mature skin.

A natural approach to 'Pro-Ageing'

Our Reviving range caters to those with tired and mature skin. By blending the delicate Bulgarian Rose with our energising formula of omega-rich bio-oils, moisture is restored to the skin and then locked in, ultimately bringing life back into mature skin.

This range also features Arjuna, a root found in India which when taken internally strengthens the heart and arteries. When used on the skin, it works to natural swell and plump the skin ultimately reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.